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September 2017

At the risk of stating the obvious, a business school should maintain close links with the business world. Vlerick Business School has partnerships with numerous companies, both for research purposes and for in-company projects. Recruitment is also high on the agenda, though.


Students from Vlerick Business School are very much in demand. Their ambition and drive, combined with the insight they gain from their business school training, often make them dream recruits for a great many companies. During an annual ‘Meet the Corporates’ event held at the Brussels campus in September, students and corporate partners have the opportunity to learn more about one another.


At the beginning of the academic year, the students receive a guide containing a full list of the School’s corporate partners. Each company presents a profile of what it does and what its values are, and why there might be a match with Vlerick Masters and MBA students. We also make a digital version of the guide, providing further opportunities for employer branding in the form of videos, for example.


The Partners Guide is a premium medium for a premium readership. The high quality of the content and the guide’s visual and tactile appeal make it a useful reference worth keeping. Students can prepare for the Meet the Corporates event, peruse all the information again at their leisure afterwards and easily identify the person to contact within the company where they wish to apply for a job.

With the Partners Guide, we give our partners valuable visibility in terms of employer branding.



By providing various target groups with relevant information, you turn them into the best ambassadors of your brand.

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