1 year in business: 5x HELP!

1 year in business: 5x HELP!

1 August 2017

It’s exactly a year since The Nutshell, our own content marketing agency, opened up for business. ‘Our own agency’: those three little words still sound just as special now as they did then. Because of course making the transition from employee to being our own boss was a big step. And even though we were well prepared, we’re not afraid to admit that there were a few questions that kept us awake at night.

HELP! Are we unique enough?

As content marketers, we know just how important it is to tell a unique story. That’s why we invested a great deal of time and effort in fashioning our own story. They say writing is rewriting. So as we wrote our story, we reworked each draft with the following question in mind: Are we really as unique as we think we are?

YES, our story is sound, because it’s authentic. How do we know that for sure? Clients and potential clients have assured us of that fact time and again over the past year, as have the like-minded colleagues who’ve joined The Nutshell Team for one or more projects.

HELP! Will we have enough clients?

We freely admit this was a scary thought – one that would give anyone starting a business cold feet. Will we have plenty of work, are we ‘viable’ and will enough people believe in what we have to offer? Backed by a wealth of experience and believing that anything is possible with the right attitude, we knew that we could deliver added value to a whole range of companies, but would we also be able to put that message across?

YES, we have enough clients and enough work. In fact, we’ve exceeded all of our conservative – and also our less conservative – forecasts and have had an extremely busy year. At times we’ve even been too busy to report on how we’re doing. That’s definitely on our to-do list for year 2! 😉

HELP! Do we have what it takes?

You know how it is: you work together for years, you both know your own worth and think you know what your partner will bring to the new business. We also knew exactly what kind of projects we could take on and – equally important – what gives us new energy. But is that enough?

YES! It was only when the business really got going that we discovered just how complementary we are. Our profiles look quite similar at first sight – both content marketers with a linguistic background – but we’re different enough to provide the range of skills needed to make The Nutshell a success. What’s more, we’re learning new things all the time. Not just because we have to, but because we really want to.

HELP! Will we cope with the admin?

Doing admin and sorting out financial matters are an important part of running any business. So when two wordsmiths get together to form their own company, it’s only logical that these aspects are initially a cause for some concern.

YES, we’ve found a way to efficiently manage our admin. We have a great support team to keep us in the loop about everything and advise us on The Nutshell’s finances.

HELP! Will we have a life outside The Nutshell?

We’ve never been afraid of hard work. And if you love what you do, it’s a win-win, isn’t it? Yet you often hear stories about self-employed people working so hard that they have no personal lives. Would we have time for ourselves outside The Nutshell?

YES, we’re there for our families when it really matters and also make time for holidays and hobbies. The Nutshell is part of our lives, but the choice we made a year ago doesn’t mean we miss out on many other wonderful things.

Sarah and Sabine

Any other questions on your mind?

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