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Hi, we’re The Nutshell

Looking for content?

Do you want to capture the essence of your story and use clever content marketing to ensure your brand really makes an impact? Online, offline, or both?

Then you’ve come to the right place.


Our first step is to sit down with you for a good chat to find out all we need to know about your company and its stakeholders. The Nutshell distils your story down to its essence and incorporates it into a clear, effective content plan.


The Nutshell has cracked the art of creating content, whether on paper, digitally, written or spoken, and in more than one language if necessary. Always delivered by the agreed deadline and with your own unique signature: the right tone of voice with strong visuals (photos, illustrations, infographics) and/or a powerful video.


The Nutshell scours the Net gathering relevant content, confirming its accuracy or incorporating new elements, subtly stamping it with your individuality – in other words, adding a touch of ‘you’. This is an important stepping stone towards establishing thought leadership.


Content marketing only really works if all your people believe in it. We can help get them on board, persuading them with convincing arguments. After all, they’re the best ambassadors to spread the word about your content.


Plans, targets, deadlines… but not enough time to get everything done? Don’t worry, The Nutshell can get cracking. For however long you need us.


Your brand is unique and if you want to make your mark, then your content has to be unique too. Sometimes a helping hand from experts can work wonders. We can help you find your unique identity and make sure it’s consistent. Let us take a look at your content and if need be we can coach you in striking the right chord.

Wat we doen


Your content plan


Copy, pics, video


A touch of ‘you’


Content, visual and cross-media marketing


A stronger content team


All aboard!


Who we are

Sarah Buyl

Content cracker

Positive energy and plenty of empathy. And not just for the reader or viewer, but for sensitive client issues too.

Sabine Rosseel

Content cracker

A down-to-earth approach to content marketing. No empty rhetoric. My feet are firmly planted in the here and now.

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